NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor

Registered Investment Advisor

Clarity · Transparency · Commitment

Clarity. Transparency.

The highest investment standards are the foundation of our work.


Our clarity of thought and action is the result of years of experience combined with formal certification in investing and planning. We allocate assets for all clients according to proven methods of diversification. We fill asset classes with deeply researched investment vehicles from managers that we, and you, can trust.

At the same time, no two clients have exactly the same portfolio. Your life situation, your risk parameters and your time frame inform our process.


7Summit will readily disclose who we are, where we came from and the strategies that we use to manage your money. Those disclosures include how much money we manage for how many clients and our investment philosophy. Our research is available real-time on our 7Summit Twitter account.

Your account is always as visible to you as it is to us. You can view all transactions, as well as account totals, online, whenever you want, in the form that you want. You customize your display.

Our business generates over a quadrillion bits of information per second. Thus, “transparency” is a relative term because chances are you do not want access to an avalanche of data. Unless you do.

If you want to know more, we are an open book.


Our commitment to clients is apparent in our business model that aligns our interests with your interests. Our goal is to minimize risk and maximize return in your account. We take a long term view of building our business. We manage our family’s assets employing the same strategies that we offer to clients. Our goal is to grow your assets alongside our own in a healthy and trusting relationship.

We build our business by retaining your business and we rely on you to refer 7Summit to others as a major component of our growth strategy. The more you trust what we do, the faster we grow. We charge only a percent of your assets to cover our costs.

We further limit risk by dealing with vendors and managers who align with these principles.